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Key Account Management Components

Many people do not understand what Key Account Management is. This term is often spoken of People in large companies; they also refer to the term as “main account management” and “strategic account management” in conversations at the office or at meetings. If you want to prove the definition of this term maybe you can ask some people, and then conclude. What are the criteria for account being named “key” accounts?

In theory, when we want to determine indicators of success then we must know the definition. Similarly with the Management Key Account, when companies do not have effective and universally understood about key management definition, their success will be hampered from the start.  From some of the references I’ve read, I can conclude that Key Account Management is a systematic approach to managing and growing accounts from the most important customer organization organizations to maximize shared value and achieve mutually beneficial goals. Systematic approach means already planned, the plan is the marketing program of goods and services from the company. The Key Account Management team is responsible for conveying to customers the details of the product so they will buy without being forced and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

There are many words that are packed into a definition. Every word has been chosen carefully, because words create meaning, which means encouraging behavior, and behavior encourages results. Working on a business based on theory is important, but more important is having a good Key Account Management.

I find that having a good understanding of the following key management components helps to create a focus on corporate orientation. The following are some of the components you should see when running Key Account Management for a business company:

  • Primary accounts as a large account in terms of revenue. So, protect them vigorously from the uncontrolled growth of key account lists.
  • Pursuing a primary account as an institutional partner so you build innovation and value together, interconnected with each other.
  • Running three key principles in Key Account Management ( penetrates, expands, and protects all accounts from competition )
  • View the primary account as an asset that requires continued investment.
  • Keep main accounts well as long as possible, because they are primary target for long-term business strategies.

Companies that hold the definition of Key Account Management can create a great key account, because the definition contains components that lead to the principle of achieving greater profits.